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Anybody can lead a dive trip when everything goes as planned. It’s when the unexpected occurs that real leaders save the day. On a trip to La Paz, Mexico, with Dave and Becky, nearly everything that could go wrong, did: boat breakdowns, equipment problems, transportation snafus, even a hurricane! Through it all, they never missed a beat, finding “Plan B” alternatives that not only worked, but were enjoyable and fulfilling. With over a thousand dives apiece, Dave and Becky know what to do on the surface or at depth, and readily share their knowledge and experience with novices and adept divers. They love diving and maintain an enthusiasm for the wonders of the undersea world that is contagious. They understand the concerns and apprehensions of newer divers, know how to deal with the small problems that inevitably occur, and deal diplomatically with the various mix of personalities and abilities among their group — all with good humor. Not only that, but they still have energy for socializing at day’s end! Good people, great divers, superb leaders — our several trips with these vagabonds were memorable for all the right reasons. Five stars!
Rich Kline

My experience with Becky and Dave Cook as trip organizers and leaders has been stellar. From the onset of an adventure they are organized, educated and well prepared. They answer questions that may arise swiftly and everyone on the trip is well informed. With that said, all you have to do is pack your gear and get ready for the sun to dance on your face, the wind to blow through your hair and most important, RELAX!
I would recommend Vagabond Ventures.

Happy travels,

Debra Anderson

Travel enthusiast and diver

Dave and Becky Cook are exceptional dive masters and adventure guides. Our trip to Roatan with them was non-stop fun. As tour guides, they had everything worked out in advance yet were easy-going and gracious throughout. As dive leaders and instructors, they are expert, patient, and inspire confidence. Dave and Becky's attention to detail, their passion for diving and for travel, and their experience with the area and the local people, made our dive trip with them an experience of a lifetime. Vagabond Ventures is my first choice for world class diving adventure!

Eric Turner

My travels with Dave and Becky have always been fun and interesting. As travel guides they are well prepared and considerate. For example on my last dive trip with them to La Paz (MX) we encountered a whale shark. I missed seeing the giant on the first pass. On the second pass they held the group back and let the more rotund diver (me) out and have first shot at encountering the grand fish. I’m used to catching some large salmon but this creature was the size of a school bus. It swam past me with a stately grace and I was able to get close enough to have to dodge a big old fin. The moment took my breath away. Needless to say it wouldn’t have happened if not for Dave and Becky. I can recommend Vagabond, Dave and Becky to any and all who need a trip/dive guide and want to travel with more than just an experienced hand. They are considerate, knowledgeable, and as a testimonial to their skill I’ll be traveling again with them in 3 weeks. I’m a happy repeat customer.

George Graham SCO

Thank you so much for the wonderful trip. The diving was the best I’ve ever done and the cultural experience was amazing. You are a blast to travel with.

Debbi P.

I had a wonderful trip with you all and would do it again. The diving was spectacular, the food delicious, the lodging was lovely and the Fijians were friendly and gracious. I tried everything from shark dive to pineapple oil massage and had a great time.

Linda H.

Traveling with Dave and Becky was effortless from beginning to end. They took such great care to ensure that my dive trip to Fiji was amazing. I look forward to many future travels with them!

Tammy S.

Needless to say, I had a great time. I thought that you had things superbly organized, and all I had to do was show up on time. I would travel with you guys anywhere. Thanks.

 Rick K.

Pack your bags, and let the adventure begin…it’s that easy when you travel with David & Becky!   We have been on five of the most incredible adventures, all of which were well planned, organized, educational, and tons of FUN.  As newbies on the first trip we were a bit intimidated/apprehensive, but not for long…David & Becky set our minds at ease.  They are experienced divers who keep safety first and foremost in mind.  They are well prepared to address questions as well as any apprehensions a new (or even seasoned) diver may have.     

That first leap into warm clear blue water, and seeing for the first time the underwater kaleidoscope of colors/creatures was an experience that will stay with us forever.  We have been bitten by the Vagabond travel bug, and look forward to many more adventures (water & land).

Thank you David & Becky! 

Duane & Debbie Jarrett